Last-Chance Kickstarter Project: Buccaneer Bones

buccaneerbonesHey, we just found out about a neat-looking project, but it ends in just 48 hours! So we're going to give it its own post. It's a push-your-luck dice-roller, and it's only $9 shipped!

The game comes with:

-    4 Player Maps

-    4 First Mate Pawns (Plastic)

-    24 Ship Markers (Uria Stone Plastic, similar to Backgammon tiles)

-    12 Treasures (Uria Stone Plastic, similar to Backgammon tiles)

-    6 Bones (Dice)

-    Rule books in four languages (English, French, German, Spanish)

You roll dice, and try to get to islands and plunder them. And there are some special powers that activate depending on which island you're on. It's not deep. It's not strategic. It's not Tigris & Euphrates. BUT IT'S ONLY $9 SHIPPED. That's a great deal, even if you only use this with nongamers or teenagers or at an after-school program or whatever. Plus, they're only $3,000 away from adding two players to the mix. Check out the campaign, but do it soon, because there's only ~38 hours left!

Thanks for reading!