Between Two Cities--A Double-Take Preview

Between Two Cities--A Double-Take Preview

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

-Charles Dickens

This week we're previewing the latest from Stonemaier games: Between Two Cities--a semi co-op tile-placement game for 3 - 7 players. It's a game of city planning and building, and it has nothing to do with a novel by Dickens, as our flavor quote would have you believe... Stonemaier Games has a ridiculously pristine track record when it comes to fulfilling their promises and delivering games that are not only a TON of fun, but also comprised of great, high quality components. Today we're looking at a prototype, so the images you see are definitely not final, but we can surmise that the finished product will be spit-shined and looking slick when it hits your doorstep or FLGS shelves.

 Let's jump in and take a look at Between Two Cities.

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