Kickstarter Weekly—July 11, 2013

Hey! Kickstarter Weekly is back! And boy is there a ton of stuff going on in Kickstarter Land, so let's get started! vivajavaVivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game - Dice Hate Me Games

The follow up to Dice Hate Me's coffee game, the dice game appears to be more than just a dice version of the original VivaJava, but introduces new game play themes and concepts. The campaign funded super fast and they've already knocked down a couple stretch goals, with plenty of time left! $30 gets you the game and any stretch goals as well! You can check it out here! You can also check out our interview with designer TC Petty III right here!

the agentsThe Agents - by Saar Shai

The Agents is a card game based around a series of characters who are all decommissioned secret agents who have been reactivated. The game play invovles playing agent cards and choosing to either score points, or use their ability—the catch is that whichever you choose, the other effect works in favor of your opponent. We'll be getting the latest prototype of this game and let you know our full thoughts very, very soon! Check out the campaign here; it just launched and you can get in on the early bird deal, which scores you the game for $15!

ancient thingsAncient Terrible Things - Pleasant Company Games

Game Salute is powering another Kickstarter Campaign, and they're doing it very well (as usual)! Ancient Terrible Things is a dice roller with some meat on its bones. A good level of resource management adds some nifty decision making elements to the game. Check out Jeremiah's video preview of the game here. You can check out the campaign here, it's been funded and they've also hit several stretch goals. A pledge of $45 will score you a copy of this fun dice-roller!

Coming Soon!

frog flipFrog Flip - Sprocket Games

Jason Kotarski has designed a mini game, along with his daughter Claire, that plays in just a few minutes. We've reviewed the game, and it's a great kids game! The campaign doesn't begin until tomorrow (Friday, July 12) but you can get a sneak peek ahead of time, right here!


photo (11)Princes of the Dragon Thrones - Clever Mojo Games

We're super excited for Clever Mojo, who just brought this one in under the wire! This is yet another successful campaign by Game Salute. This game has been a long time in the works, and we're glad to see that it will make it to the marketplace soon! Jeremiah was fortunate enough to play one of the prototypes, you can read his full review here. Want more Dragon Throne goodness? Check out our interview with Fred and David Mackenzie here!

Council of Verona - Crash Games

The first in Crash Games' Pub Series of games, that feature small games with big game play! The campaign funded at 303% hitting over $27k! That unlocked what Patrick says is the most exciting stretch goal - a 5th-player expansion! We haven't played this yet (unreal!) but we LOVE the idea of the game, and see a smash hit coming to market with this game's arrival! Congrats Crash!


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Kickstarter Weekly--June 3, 2013

Well we're starting another week here at TOG, and we've got another bundle of Kickstarter news to leave on your doorstep, including some sneak preview action, and the looming suspicions of a campaign that may not see fulfillment. But let's start with some happy news

Princes of the Dragon Throne - Clever Mojo Games

photo (11)Fred Mackenzie has spent the last three years developing this epic, large-scale board game, and Clever Mojo Games, along with Game Salute's Springboard division, have finally launched the campaign to bring this gem to market. I (Jeremiah) have played a prototype of the game, and trust me: You're going to want in on this! The only downside is the $100 pledge it will take to get a copy of the game. Check out all the details here. And be on the look out for our full review next week!

SnowdoniaSnowdonia - Indie Boards & Cards

The same publisher who brought The Resistance to the people has successfully funded this new worker placement board game. A pledge of $54 gets you a copy of the game which is a discount over the $70 MSRP once it hits shelves. Check out the full details here.

epic death box

Epic Death - Waits in Graves Games/Game Salute

We told you about this campaign a few weeks ago. The title will be funded, blowing past the initial goal, and with 11 days left they're just a shade over $2,000 from hitting the final two stretch goals, and unlocking some epic custom dice. Again, $35 gets you a copy of the game. Right here is where you'll find the details of the campaign. Stay tuned for our full review coming soon!

Sneak peek!

Ancient Terrible Things - Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Ancient Terrible Things - Pleasant Company/Game Salute (Do those guys every sleep?)

Can't say much about this game just yet, but it is a press-your-luck dice roller set in a pulp-horror universe. Expect it to hit Kickstarter soon, and again check back for our full review!

Odins RavensAnd finally, as we reported last week, there is still no sign of Works LTD, who successfully campaigned for funds to release a second edition of Odin's Ravens. We've heard that Kickstarter has reached out to Works LTD after many backers have expressed concern, and we will be keeping an eye on things and let you know as soon as anything develops.

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