Happy Tabletop Day!

Happy Tabletop Day!

If you didn't know by now, today is International TableTop Day, an international holiday created by TableTop host and geek ambassador Wil Wheaton. Folks are encouraged to share a game with friends, family and maybe a complete stranger or two along the way, in an effort to promote the hobby and the social interaction that seems to be missing in this digital world. We're sure most of you are busy playing and not reading blog posts today, but we thought we'd ask you what you're playing today? Also, we thought it would be helpful to point out that: in order to help celebrate the day, Amazon has put some great classics on sale at huge discounts. You can find them all by clicking this link, right here!

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Amazon Lightening Deals - Smash Up! - Rise of Augustus!

As an act of public service we're giving you a quick update! Today at 3:00 PM EST Amazon is running a lightning deal for two popular board games!

smashcoverFirst is Smash Up! The shuffle-building game that started it all! On Amazon the price is only $22.99, but when the clock strikes three, Amazon will knock off even more from the MSRP. So clickety-click RIGHT HERE! To see what you can save!

augustusNext up is Rise of Augustus from Asmodee - We haven't reviewed this yet, but the customer reviewers on Amazon call it "Fancy Bingo", and say it's a great gateway game for folks. Check it out RIGHT HERE!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our last installment of our 2013 Christmas Holiday Gift Guide, which is coming tomorrow!

Remember these are "Lightning Deals," which mean they don't last forever, so act fast!

What's Better Than New Board Games?

Resistance UPDATE: It's over now. That'll teach you not to read our emails right away!

Cheap board games!

Today's Gold Box Deal from the folks over at Amazon features a number great board game titles, and a number of well...not-so-great board game titles.

The great games include:

The Resistance

Castles Of Burgundy

Seven Wonders

Forbidden Island

Dominion (Big Box)

And More!!

The not so great titles... Well we'll let you decide what those are...

All of the titles are about 40% off! That's right you can get The Resistance for $11.99!! Check out the great deals here! It's over now. Stop clicking things!

So stock up on all those classics that might be missing from your collection!

Thanks for reading. Are you picking anything up from this sale? Let us know!

And as always we appreciate your subscription to the blog!