Kickstarter Weekly - May 18, 2013

It's another week in the books here at TOG, but before we're done we thought we would bring you another round of Kickstarter news so you can plan the final destination of a portion of your gaming budget over the weekend. Photo Apr 27, 12 31 53 PMPrepare to Die! - Game Salute

Yep, we've been all worked up over here about the upcoming series of games based on The Princess Bride and Game Salute has kicked things off with a campaign to get Prepare to Die, a party game based on the famous line of Inigo Montoya, to market! Jeremiah recommends this one! You can check out his preview of this one here.





AdmiralAdmiral - Bombat Games

I (Jeremiah) have a soft spot for pirate ship type games, this one looks like it has potential, but is very pricey to get in on. $60 for a "half set of Admiral" and $95 for the basic game. But like I said it has potential for those of us who like to sail pretend ships and blast cannons at our friends!




Pixel DungeonPixel Dungeon - Octopus Apocalypse

This is a set of fun paper miniatures for table top gaming/RPGing. Super cheap to get in on with lots of packs full of creatures, heroes, and locations!


UponfableUpon A Fable—Kickin' It Games

This one ends on Monday, and it's over the line! It's a Euro for 1 to 6 players that features worker placement and card drafting. One reviewer described it as " Agricola meets 7 Wonders." That has us intrigued...








Paradise Fallen boxParadise Fallen - Crash Games

Coming in just under the wire to get funded last week was the core game to what is promised to be a larger gaming universe in Paradise Fallen. Congrats to Crash Games, and we're looking forward to seeing this on the shelves soon!

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