Patreon is a Full GO!

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Ok everyone! This is it! We are a full go on Patreon!

First, let me tell you a little bit about what your pledges will help us with: As you probably know, we have a lot of things going on here on Theology of Games. We’ve become more than a blog over the years and have really spread our reach into a multimedia network of content. We feature written material, podcasts, YouTube, and social media that all fall under the umbrella of Theology of Games. Think of us as an octopus that plays the drums, striking out in every direction. Make no mistake, we LOVE what we do here at Theology of Games, being a part of such an awesome community, creating fun, quality entertaining content is so much fun, and truly a great honor!

That's why we're super excited to announce that we've taken to Patreon!

That's right! Right now our Patreon Page is in full effect! It's so easy (and inexpensive, as little as $1/month!!) to be a part of what we're doing here on Theology of Games. If you hit the $3/month level, you're going to get a 1 time credit to the Theology of Games Treasure Chest,  where you can get some REALLY sweet promo items from some of our great friends in the industry - items like Black Orchestra Promo Cards, Farlight Launch Packs from Starling Games, Ubongo teaser games from Kosmos & Thames, Shutterbug promo cards from Calliope Games, and a Shadows in Kyoto promo from Deep Water Games! At the $5/month level, you'll get 2 credits, which will score you either a pair of ceramic d6 from Crit Hit Ceramics, or a deck of Tiny Epic Western playing cards from Gamelyng Games! AAAANNND! We're working on more sweet promo items every day! AAANNNDDD!!! You'll also have access to some sweet extra content, be placed on our backer wall, and more!


So, if any of this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and click that Patreon tab up above, or just click RIGHT HERE! If you have any questions about any of this, don't hesitate to click the contact tab up top too!

Most importantly, thank you for reading, listening and watching! We've had a blast so far and can't wait to see what the future holds for Theology of Games as we grow, together, with all of you!

- Jeremiah, Firestone and AJ

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