A Quick Origins Preview!

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Well, it's coming! Really soon! Origins will be here next week and in case you've missed it, we'll have a booth in the exhibit hall and can't wait to meet you! Yes, you! 

Not only that, I've been busy scheduling interviews and product features for live-streaming and podcast content! I'd love to have you swing by to check out these sweet titles, and the cool people behind them as we chat gaming and hot new games! So here is our current schedule (I'll keep updating it as more folks schedule!), not only that, we'll be giving away sweet prizes every day so be sure to stop by to listen in on our interviews, and for you chance to win awesome free stuff! 

Ok, here's the schedule:


11:00 am - Justin from Fireside Games

12:00 pm Curt Covert - Smirk and Dagger Games

1:00 pm Brenna Noonan - A War of Whisperers (Prototype)

2:00 pm Brenna Noonan - Archmage

3:00 pm Bill Fogarty - The Mansky Caper - Calliope Games

4:00 pm Jason Kotarski - Filler, and Before the Earth Explodes - Green Couch Games

5:00 pm Prize Giveaways!


11:00 am - Travis Reynolds - Luxor and Franchise - Queen Games

12:00 pm - Stephan Brissaud - Raids, and Legend of the Cherry Tree - Iello Games

1:00 pm - Paul Peterson - Ninth World

2:00 pm - Tiffany Caires - Mystery of the Temples

3:00 pm - Tom Wetzel - Imhotep: A New Dynasty (expansion) - Kosmos & Thames

4:00 pm - Ross Thompson - IDW Games

5:00 pm - Prize Giveaways!


2:00 pm - Tiffany Caires

3:00 pm - Gil Hova The Networks: Executives and Telly Time

5:00 pm Prize Giveaways!


1:00 pm John Zinzer - Alderac Entertainment Group

2:00 pm Bobby West - HABA Games

3:00 pm Grand Prize Giveaway!

We're looking forward to see you all at Booth #359!