Rolling Dice and Taking Names--A Single-Take Review of Crit Hit Ceramics Dice



There's just something about them. They're supposed to be random, a non-partial tool in determining the outcome of SO many fates. We hold our dice collections in great esteem and with a fair amount of sentiment. I didn't quite realize what my dice meant to me until, because of a tragic mistake, my collection of 53 dice (including MANY I have no idea how to replace) got tossed into a dumpster during the restoration of our house after the fire we suffered. That's why, when I get a chance to take a look at a new set of dice I jump at it. Because I know how cool, how special, and how fickle these polyhedral objects can be. 

Today I'm taking a look at a set of Duskblade ceramic dice from Crit Hit Ceramics. The fellas over at Crit Hit were super awesome and supplied two sets of dice for us to give away in some sweet contests while we were at Origins, and later on they would up the ante and send me the set we're looking at today along with ten sets of d6's for us to give away as a part of our Patreon campaign! So, do these dice hit? Or are they a critical miss? Let's find out!



The Critical Facts

When we walked by the Crit Hit booth at Origins, and saw that the dice were made of ceramics, the first thing out of my mouth was, "How durable are they?" Arron then proceeded to chuck a d12 on the unpadded concrete floor and pick it up, completely unscathed. You can also head over to their website where this is a full page of durability test videos, including them dropping a brick on a die without it crushing. These things are TOUGH. 


The Designs


There are quite a few color options available, each each with their own unique name: Duskblade, Skeleton, Ancient Scroll, and so on. They come in solid colors, and some have accent tones on them, as well. I'm a fan of the solid colors myself, but there are plenty of great options.

The Verdict

Here's the thing with these dice: These are specialty dice. You're (probably) not going to pick up 3-4 sets of them--although there's nothing stopping you from that. But like all specialty dice (metal dice, precious stone dice, etc.) they certainly deserve a place in your collection. They're durable; there's surely a color that will strike your fancy; and the earthy, organic rattle as they shake in your hand, and thump as they hit the table, adds something to your gaming experience that's very unique and enjoyable. If you're a role-player and into playing elves or dwarves or another race that's very in touch with nature, these are a must-have. If you're into war gaming and want something to match the grit and toughness of your scenarios, these are a great fit for you! 

The Final Verdict

Look, I like dice. I've been on a quest to replenish my collection for over a year now (having received a lot of dice from my children for my birthday, Christmas, etc.). And finding cool and unique dice like these to add to my collection is so much fun! Crit Hit Ceramics have hit something unique, tactile, and wonderful. I recommend you find a way to get these into your collection!

Theology of Games would like to thank Crit Hit Ceramics for providing Jeremiah with a set of dice. This in no way affected his opinion of the dice. 

What do you think? Do you have a set of Crit Hit Ceramics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And thanks for reading!