Play Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call Before Anyone Else!

Play Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call Before Anyone Else!

It's no secret that we here at TOG are big fans of the Tiny Epic series from Gamelyn Games and designer Scott Almes, so we've been tuning into as much buzz as we can about the first expansion for the series: Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call. 

But what better to find out more than the buzz than to play the expansion itself!? Gamelyn seems to think so, as they are giving away 30, count them 30! Prototype copies of the expansion to lucky folks like you. 

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Alderac Wants Your Best Smash Up! Ideas!

Alderac Wants Your Best Smash Up! Ideas!

One can only imagine the number of emails, tweets, threatening letters, and carrier-pigeon messages that Alderac has received suggesting new factions for the next Smash Up! expansion. We even joined in when we interview designer Paul Peterson (RIGHT HERE!) and suggested a blogger faction... Well, after years of this unsolicited bombardment of intellectual property, AEG is openly asking for your ideas, and giving you a neat easy way to share them! 

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Contest Winner: Who's Going on a Relic Expedition?

reliccoverWe were given a few copies of Relic Expedition from Foxtrot Games so we could, 1) review it, and 2) give one away!We love giving games away to our readers, so it's with great excitement that we announce the winner of our Relic Expedition contest!

To enter the contest you simply had to subscribe to the blog or YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or like us on Facebook. Doing all of the above would enter you a total of five times into our contest! We pulled up our lists of faithful devotees and gave them each a number, pulled up a random number generator, and "drew" a number for each of the five lists, and then randomly drew a winner from those five finalists.

AND THE WINNER IS: Rachel Skifstad!!

Congrats Rachel! We'll be contacting you via Facebook (which is how you won), and get your copy over to you ASAP!!

Thanks so much to everyone for being a part of our contest and a very special thanks to Foxtrot Games for providing us with this copy to give away!

islandsiegecoverIf you didn't win this time, never fear: We have two more game-giveaway contests coming to you very soon!

Next up is a free copy of Island Siege from APE Games!

Thanks for reading!

It's Your Last Chance for a Free Game!

reliccoverThis weekend we'll be giving away a copy of the fun family exploration game Relic Expedition, thanks to the fine folks at Foxtrot Games.

All you have to do is Follow us somewhere. And the more places you follow us, the more chances you have to win. We're going to choose one Twitter follower, one Facebook fan, one YouTube follower, one Instagram follower, and one blog follower ----->, and the winner of each of those categories will fight it out in a bloodless battle royale for total domination!! So the more places you follow us, the more chances yo have to be in that final battle.

Either way, thanks for reading our blog. We love doing this, and we hope it's helpful, honest, funny, and worthwhile. And check back for more giveaways. One is on it's way from Indonesia! Have a great weekend!

And the Winner is....

pixelcoverIn our third episode of the podcast we introduced a contest for a free copy of Pixel Lincoln: The Deck Building Game. Well the deadline for entry has come and gone, and we've finally selected a winner!

Look below the jump to find out who the lucky winner is!

[youtube=] Thanks as always for reading, watching, and listening!