Kickstarter Weekly, August 27, 2019


Holy cow. Summer is practically done, and school is in full swing. And Kickstarter season is in full swing too. Here are a couple of campaigns that might interest you. Let’s see what’s new!


Burgle Bros. is one of our favorite co-ops ever, and this sequel from Fowers Games looks to be more than just more of the same. It isn’t an expansion; it’s a whole new game with new gear, new modes, new rooms, and new dangers for our crew of lovable law-breakers. Even time is working against you, because if you take too long, the bouncers from the casino will start hunting you down! And it comes with a 2-level platform from the folks at GameTrayz, which you can also use with your copy of the first game. We can’t wait to give this one a whirl!

Pricing: $49, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: September 5

Expected Delivery: May 2020


This one’s a bit different for us, but it’s a campaign we believe in. Kevin Kerkhof is the man behind the AWESOME Quiver Gaming Gear mats, which we still use and adore to this day. He’s been a longtime friend of the blog, so when he reached out about this new endeavor, we were happy to help. Kevin is taking his background as a chef and marrying it with his love of board games to open a coffee shop and gaming parlour in Greenfield, a suburb of Indianapolis. Fair trade coffee, pastries, and board games! Who wants to go to Indiana?!

Pricing: Various pledge levels

Campaign Ends: September 17

Expected Delivery: Fall 2019

That’s it for this week. Thanks so much for reading! We know things have been a bit slow this summer, but as the school year settles into a rhythm of crazy, look for us to ramp up output again.