Kickstarter Weekly, July 29, 2019


Hey, everyone. We hope your summer is going well. Things are wrapping up, and we went back-to-school shopping the other day. It’s both terrible and awesome! Right now, though, we’re here to highlight a couple of Kickstarter campaigns. So let’s get to it!



CMON is back with another game using Norse legends, but this time it’s a co-op! You’re a group of adventurers hunting monsters across the land. You’ll make choices that affect the game going forward, and the board itself has sleeves built into it, so you can put cards there to track progress. Sounds cool. And the artwork is amazing! They’ve unlocked a LOAD of stretch goals, so if you’re interested in this, jump on board!

Pricing: $100, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: August 14

Expected Delivery: December 2020


Old Novel Games is hoping to turn classic novels into fun games, and this is their first foray. Robinson Crusoe is a card game of survival for 1-4 players. First thing every “morning,” players have to pay food, which is on the back side of the game cards. Then players go exploring, which is a press-your-luck mechanism of flipping cards and deciding when to quit. The cards can provide shelter, characters, and other goodies. But there are also threats, and if you turn over a second one you have to fight it. If you defeat it, you can keep some of the cards. If not, you go away empty handed. This looks like a good family game; press-your-luck games seem to work well with nongamers. They still need some help to get over the mark, so check this one out.

Pricing: $19, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: August 21

Expected Delivery: March 2020

That’s it for this week. Thanks so much for reading!