Kickstarter Weekly, July 15, 2019


Hey, everyone! We’re halfway through the summer, which is crazy! Here in Colorado we’ve had temperatures in the 90s for a week now, so we’ve been staying inside and playing games. But what are some upcoming games you might want to check out on Kickstarter? Well let’s find out!



A few years ago I played a crunchy economic Euro game with a completely unique theme: fashion. I admit that I judged it on the theme, but once I’d played it, I found a surprisingly good game! I wasn’t the only one who thought so, and Pret-a-Porter is now coming out with its third edition. In this worker-placement game, you’re designing clothes, hiring employees, securing contracts, and preparing for upcoming fashion shows. If you do these things better than your opponents, you’ll win! There’s a week left on the campaign, and it’s blown past its funding goal, so jump on board!

Pricing: $60, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: July 22

Expected Delivery: October 2019



Eldervale is a worker-placement, tableau-building game with 13 different factions vying for control of the land, each with its own special powers. In addition, giant elemental monsters join the fight. The board is different every time you play. The game also comes with GameTrayz to store each of the factions—even in the standard edition. If you spring for the higher tiers, you’ll get monster minis, rather than cardboard standees. If you like fantasy adventure, check this out!

Pricing: $69, plus shipping, for the standard edition. $99, plus shipping, for the deluxe edition (with minis). $139, plus shipping, for the legendary edition, with even more minis.

Campaign Ends: July 25

Expected Delivery: May 2020

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!