Kickstarter Weekly, June 5, 2019


Do you live in a state where Spring lasts only a week or so? That’s how it feels here in Colorado right now. It was rainy and cold, and suddenly we’re in the 80s. It’s Vacation Bible School week here, so we’re busy shuttling kids to and from church. But we still wanted to talk about a couple of campaigns that have us excited. So let’s get to it!



Back in 2006 there was a very popular and acclaimed PC game called Company of Heroes. And now Bad Crow Games has partnered with the video game makers to bring us a board game version. One of the cool things about it is that you can choose to play it turn-based, as we’re used to in board gaming, or in real-time, which more closely simulates the in-the-moment decisions faced by commanders on the battlefield. It sounds hectic and fun! It’s got minis, terrain, and sweet trays that let you put the minis into them and move them as one, which is really great. The HQ boards are double-layered, which is a nice touch. The gameplay is a mix of tactical decisions, planning, and very little luck—dice are mostly used as markers, though there are a couple places where you’ll roll them. There are also multiple game modes, including Capture the Flag, free-for-all, and others. This game looks FUN, and we can’t wait to give it a whirl. It’s already funded, so join this company of heroes yourself.

Pricing: $99 for the core set, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: June 26

Expected Delivery: May 2020



The first Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is shipping to backers right now. So publisher Monolith Games thought they’d strike while the iron is hot and launch Season 2. Each game pits Heroes vs. Villains in various missions in various locations. And this game is CHOCK full of miniatures. In fact, the choices here are almost overwhelming. This is not a standalone game, but a series of expansions and add-ons that require the base game. But if you like Batman, and asymmetrical miniatures games, check out this campaign.

Pricing: ~$318 for just the second season, plus shipping. There are, of course, options to also get the original game components, too.

Campaign Ends: June 18

Expected Delivery: May 2020

That’s it for this week! But if you haven’t had enough Batman, stay tuned for our review of Batman The Animated Series: Gotham Under Siege, coming on Friday. Spoiler: It’s super fun! Thanks! for reading!