See You Space Cowboy--A Double-Take Review of the Deep Space Game Canopy Bag


Today’s review is going to be short, sweet, and to-the-point. Here at Theology of Games, we’re big fans of Level 3B’s Game Canopy bags. You can check out our Double-Take Review right here. But if there was one “disappointment,” it was that I’d have to move back to the gaming tub whenever I wanted to bring one of my long games. And I’ve got a lot of those: Torres, Java, Cyclades, Kemet, Concordia, and probably 15 others. Well I’m disappointed no longer, because Level 3B is introducing Deep Space, the bag we’ve been waiting for. Let’s check it out!


Firestone—Everything I loved about the regular Game Canopy bag, I love about this. It’s roomy. It’s sturdy. It’s attractive. I love the small pockets in the inside-front of the bag. It would otherwise be wasted space, but they’ve made the room for a couple more games.

Jeremiah—And don’t forget about that zipper cut that angles towards the front of the bag! It seems such an obvious thing, but being able to lay the front down flat while either loading up, or displaying the games you brought to game night, without that weird folding/bunching that happens with other bags, is just so great!


Firestone—I checked, and the only game that won’t fit in this thing is Twilight Imperium III, and if that’s coming to gameday, it’s the only thing getting played, so I don’t need a bag to carry anything else.

Jeremiah—I currently don’t have anything in my collection that won’t fit in the Deep Space; it’s the perfect companion to my Game Canopy, and boy are my friends jealous!

Firestone—I brought this to game night and people were drooling over it. One guy said that he’d recently bought a long game bag, and that he wishes he’d waited because Deep Space is just a better bag.

Jeremiah—It’s well documented that the Game Canopy ousted my old mid-80’s TV/VCR combo unit carrying bag as my game bag. While the Deep Space doesn’t necessarily oust the Game Canopy, having a nice option for those long games is amazing. Heck, now that I’ve got them both I can load up twice as many games for game night.


Firestone—I carried both bags to a game night; I looked like a geeky Neo in the Matrix. Whoa…

Firestone’s Final Verdict—Both the Game Canopy and now Deep Space are the ultimate grab-and-go game solutions. Deep Space is a smartly designed and well-made bag that I’ll be using for years and years to come. Level 3B crushed it.

Jeremiah’s Final Verdict—This is such a great and natural next step in the Game Canopy line, same quality, same great design features, just different and more accommodating dimensions. Another home run for Level 3B!!

This campaign is LIVE. Check it out right here!

Theology of Games would like to thank Level 3B for providing review copies of Deep Space. This in no way affected our opinions of the bag.