Kickstarter Weekly, May 7, 2019


Hey there, faithful readers! It’s been a busy time here at Theology of Games, but we wanted to bring you a couple of new Kickstarter campaigns for your viewing pleasure. Let’s get to them!


Back in The Day (13 years ago), I played practically every game that Days of Wonder published—we all did. They were bright, colorful, and fun. One that slipped through the cracks for me, though, was Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, by designers Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc. Well now, thanks to Mojito Studios, I’ll finally get the chance to play this out-of-print game. In the game, you’ve been tasked with helping build a beautiful palace for Cleopatra. You’ll visit the Quarry in search of the pieces you need, and you can take Tainted resources, which will cost you points at the end of the game, but could be the edge you need to win the Queen’s favor. This new edition features gorgeous artwork from Miguel Coimbra, and includes two new expansions. Check this out before it’s lost to the sands again!

Pricing: $89, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: May 27

Expected Delivery: March 2020



I’ve never managed to play an 18XX game—games about the creation and operation of railroad companies. They’re notoriously complex, and I don’t really want to play a 6-hour game without knowing what I’m doing. And I don’t want anyone who’s familiar with them to have to sit through a game with a newbie. So what am I to do? Well, All-Aboard Games has an answer: 18Chesapeake. It’s an introductory 18XX game, but one that’s got enough challenge and choices to be of interest to 18XX enthusiasts. It boasts a simple ruleset, simple map, and simple stock chart. This might just be the thing that gets me to hop that train! Check it out!

Pricing: $70, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: May 20

Expected Delivery: February 2020

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