Kickstarter Weekly, May 28, 2019


Happy Monday, everyone! The Summer is officially here, as the kids are out of school and looking for fun! If you’re considering a new board game for your fun times (and who doesn’t?!), then we’ve got a couple of Kickstarter campaigns to let you in on. Let’s get to them!



The original Egizia came out 10 years ago, and was well received but eventually fell out of print. Stronghold Games is bringing it back, with a new and updated design from the original designer. This Kickstarter version also includes the original game, and is exclusive to the campaign. It’s a worker-placement and card-drafting game where you’re all moving down the Nile and putting your ships in at various spots down the river. Each spot can only have one person, so you’re constantly weighing whether you should jump ahead to that thing you really want, knowing you can never go back up the river. At the end of each round, players will fill up various monuments with their pieces to score VPs. It’s a clever game with constant tension, and I’m excited to see the updated version. It’s funded already, so check it out, and perhaps you’ll want to hop on the boat!

Pricing: $39, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: June 9

Expected Delivery: November 2019



Hockey season might be almost over, but you can continue to get your fix year-round thanks to this game on Kickstarter. Trick Shot is a fast-paced hockey game with fun minis, grid movement, and dice chucking. On your turn you’ll either make a line change, or activate a series of players in an attempt to score. That’s the basics, but they’ve promised a game that gives you the feel of hockey without getting bogged down in rules. There are only two days left on this one, so if you’re interested, you'd better jump on it!

Pricing: $59, plus shipping, for unpainted minis. $79 for painted minis.

Campaign Ends: May 30

Expected Delivery: March 2020

Well that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!