Kickstarter Weekly, May 22, 2019

Hey there, faithful readers! I't’s another week, and another round of Kickstarter Weekly! This week we’ve got a campaign for some cool custom minis, a terrific game bag, and a campaign from our very own Jeremiah Isley! Let’s get to the good stuff!



Eldrith Foundry has come up with a terrific idea: Custom 3D-printed minis. Pick the race, gender, build, head, facial hair, weapon, and more for a figure, and they’ll print on demand and ship it to you. They use wax supports for their printing, so there's no flash, mold lines, or seams. You can even customize the base to give you ways to show conditions such as poisoned or restrained. The starting price is pretty steep, but when you think about how long an RPG campaign can run (years and years sometimes!), then this seems a fair price to pay to get EXACTLY the miniature you’ve envisioned in your mind.

Pricing: Varies, but starting at $39 for one miniature

Campaign Ends: June 8

Expected Delivery: September 2019



We’ve had the Game Canopy bag for a couple of years now, and we love it—as you can see from our review. Now Level 3B is back with a bag that solves the one complaint we had: no way to carry longer games. Now we’ve got a solution! The Deep Space bag holds all those long games, and with the same high quality craftmanship as the Game Canopy. You can check out our preview of the Deep Space right here.

Pricing: $169, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: June 4

Expected Delivery: May 2020



Hey! Jeremiah here jumping in on Kickstarter Weekly! This is a side project of mine that has nothing to do with gaming, but I’m super excited about it!

Cryptic is an audio drama podcast. Join our heroes, a brother/sister team who investigate the world of cryptids…ya know, Bigfoot, Mothman, etc. Oh. By the way…all of these legends are real!

We’re in pre-production now and are targeting an October launch! 

Pricing: Starts at $10, and NO shipping!

Campaign Ends: June 12

Expected Delivery: October 2019

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading!