Kickstarter Weekly, March 4, 2019


Well, it’s another week here at Theology of Games, and we’re kicking things off by bringing you a couple more games from Kickstarter. This week it’s all about the expansions! So let’s see what’s out there!


Railroad Rivals is a game about connecting cities, buying stocks, and delivering goods. You’re looking to end up with the most valuable stock portfolio. This new expansion adds pieces for a 6th player, a new type of good to deliver (mail), new stocks in a new railroad, and new pieces for a new section of the country (New England). Plus new Stock Shenanigans. Check it out!

Pricing: $39, for the premium wood edition (to go with the premium edition of the base game), plus shipping; $29 for the regular version, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: March 19

Expected Delivery: August 2019


We haven’t had a chance to play Feudum yet, but it’s one of the most visually striking games we’ve seen in years, and this expansion looks to be more of the same. Rudders and Ramparts introduces…well…castles and deluxe vessels. You’ll get an attack or defense bonus for each, but you have to pay to keep them, or you’ll lose them. These gorgeous pieces make us even more anxious to play!

Pricing: $35, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: March 25

Expected Delivery: December 2019

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