Kickstarter Weekly, March 29, 2019


Hey, everyone! It was a slow week here on the blog. Jeremiah’s on spring break, so I’m holding down the fort. I was able to piece together another couple of games that are on Kickstarter right now! And tomorrow we’ll have a review of Terraforming Mars, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, let’s get to those KS offerings!


Folklore: The Affliction is a cooperative dungeon-crawler that puts an emphasis on storytelling. I’ve played through a decent bit of the base game campaign and I can attest that they obviously put a lot of work into the story, the branching paths, and the decisions you get to make. And the combat’s pretty fun, too! Oh, and did we mention the minis? This expansion takes you to a desert land, introducing new heroes to fight with, and monsters to fight against. Plus they’ve upgraded the combat system to give it a bit more oomph (technical term). They’re already a quarter of a million bucks, so if you want in, it’s getting made. And, of course, there are options to dive in from the beginning if you don’t own the core game.

Pricing: $60, plus shipping, for the non-mini’s version

Campaign Ends: April 18

Expected Delivery: December 2020



Hit-List is a social game for 3-10 players, with a mafia theme. You’ll gather your Family, and then try to whack your opponents. You’ll make a list of 4 characters from the other Families in the game. If you cross off all 4 names on your list, you win! The families each have special powers, so games will feel different each time. The price point is low, and includes shipping!

Pricing: $25, which includes shipping

Campaign Ends: April 26

Expected Delivery: August 2019

That’s it for today. Check back in tomorrow when we explore our red neighbor planet—Mars! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!