Kickstarter Weekly, March 18, 2019


Hey, everyone!We know you’re busy, what with Spring just around the corner—though you wouldn’t know it after that Bomb Cyclone we go clobbered with this week. Nevertheless, thanks for joining us for another week of Kickstarter Weekly. There’s a ton of campaigns out there, so we weed through them and bring you a couple that you might be interested in. Let’s see what’s out there!


Root is sneaky. It has an adorable design. Cute anthropomorphic woodland creatures. Bright colors. But it’s a wargame, make no mistake. It finds four completely asymmetric factions trying to take back the woods. This expansion introduces two new factions. The Corvid Conspiracy infiltrates other players’ hands, waiting to spring their plans. When they do, they have to move their camp to a new clearing. The Great Duchy has been biding its time underground, and it’s time to come to the surface and take what’s theirs. We’ve played Root and already love it. We can’t wait to see what these new wrinkles bring to the game. And as of this writing the campaign is at almost 1 million bucks! Join in the fun!

Pricing: $50, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: April 2

Expected Delivery: December 2019



Roll-and-write games are all the rage right now—and with good reason! They’re fast and fun and portable. This new one has you playing as the designer of one (names Roland Wright, of course), who is trying to get all the great gameplay he can into his design. It plays in 20 minutes, and they specifically mention that there’s room for cleverness and combos—it’s like they read my Wish List! Check this one out!

Pricing: $24, plus shipping

Campaign Ends: March 29

Expected Delivery: January 2020

Well that’s it for another week. Stay tuned for more reviews, news, and interviews this week. Thanks for reading!