Board Games Daily Update


Hey everyone! It’s another week of great gaming news over on Boardgames Daily on the Anchor app. If you’ve never checked it out it’s a place where we can post sort of mini podcasts—three times a week! News. Interviews. Reviews. First impressions. Fast and informative. Here’s what’s in store this week.

This week will continue our weekly Game Night Cage Fights with Star Realms versus Cthulhu Realms—and you’ll discover our winners from last week’s Cage Fight: Istanbul vs. Yokohama. You decide who wins with the click of a button via Twitter or Facebook when you check out Theology of Games on social media.

If you feel like you have more to say, you can always join the conversation by using the call in feature on Anchor or dialing 216-352-3864 to talk about our topic this week. We are discussing what designers games you will impulse buy just because of its designer. C’mon….you know you have one!

Finally, make sure to check out what our buddy Gamerleaf is doing from the Gamerleaf podcast as we interview him this week as well as drop some of the latest Kickstarter news. 

Thanks for reading—and listening!