Kickstarter Weekly, September 14. 2018


I admit it. I was having a hard time finding games for this segment for the last few weeks. The ones I found look like great games! But I just had to dig through a LOT of crummy looking games to get to them. But then this week I got FLOODED with new campaigns. But I’ve gotta portion them out—preparing for the drought, if you will… So without further ado, let’s hit it!


Everdell was a HUGE hit this year. This gorgeous game took the gaming world by storm. Jeremiah reviewed it right here! This first expansion offers a new sideboard to explore: The River. You’ll trade with the river denizens to obtain pearls, a new resource. Pearlbrook also come with what may be the most important addition to this world: otter meeples! It’s crushing its goals right now, so get in while the gettin’s good!

Pricing: $39 plus shipping

Campaign Ends: September 27

Expected Delivery: September 2019



The Artemis Project is a dice-placement, resource-management, engine-building game—sounds ambitious! You’re on Jupiter’s moon Europa, looking to gather minerals to build a better colony, but you’ll need energy to run it. And you need people to run it! Check this one out!

Pricing: $65 plus shipping

Campaign Ends: October 5

Expected Delivery: May 2019

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next week!