Board Game News Out of Gen Con 2018: Part 2


Hello, readers! There was so much news coming out of Gen Con that we had to bump some to a second day. New games! Crazy ideas! Digital surprises! Here's the rest of what caught our eyes and ears from the convention. 




Machi Koro Legacy

This sounds insane to us, but that doesn't mean it can't work. King of the Legacy Games Rob Daviau has partnered with JR Honeycutt to bring us this game set in the Machi Koro world. Players will play across 10 games, adding and changing things as they go along. Publisher Pandasaurus Games claims that once you're done, the game is still fully playable as a standalone. Look for this one in the Spring. 


Clank Expeditions: Gold & Silk

Renegade Games is coming out with more Clank expansion than we can keep up with! The latest is called Expeditions: Gold & Silk, and features two new maps, new meeples, new tokens, and a spider meeple! The maps are Ruin Dwarven Mining Company, and Spider Queen's Lair. 


Gloomhaven Digital

The most popular board game in the world will soon be available on your PC. It'll be a turn-based roguelike experience, with randomly generated dungeons. No word yet on whether you'll progress in the same manner as the board game when it comes to characters, though it appears the different classes are present. The game is expected early next year.

And speaking of Gloomhaven, it's entering into its 4th printing and has sold a whopping 120,000 copies. Incredible!


Thanks for reading! Were you able to make it to Gen Con? What were your experiences? What news did we miss? Let us know in the commen