Board Game News Out of Gen Con 2018: Part 1


Unfortunately we couldn't make it to Gen Con this year but there's still plenty of news coming out of Indianapolis. So here's the first part of two posts full of things that caught our eyes and ears. We'll have another batch of news tomorrow. 



Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

Fantasy Flight Games announced a third edition of their popular Arkham Horror game. It's been 13 years since Fantasy Flight designed the influential 2nd edition, and they decided it was time for a reboot. The game still finds players (1-6) working together to push back the evil in the town of Arkham. The most noticeable difference is the modular board, which makes it look more like Arkham Space Station. But they've got 13 years of learning under their belts, so we're cautiously optimistic. The new edition will drop later this year. 



Christian Petersen Stepping Down as CEO of Asmodee North America

Speaking of Fantasy Flight Games: This news came out a few days before the convention, but it's pretty dang big. Christian Petersen started Fantasy Flight Games, and turned it into arguably the best board game publisher in the world. So when Fantasy Flight was acquired by Asmodee, he was given the role of CEO. In a press release he revealed that he's stepping down from that role. Asmodee North America will be split into two branches, with two executives running them. There's no indication of what Petersen will be doing next. 


Stronghold Games and Indie Boards & Cards to Merge

Two longtime gaming publishers have decided to join forces. Stronghold Games is the publisher of such hit games as Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trail. Indie Boards and Cards publishes the social deduction game The Resistance--which just happens to be our very favorite game here at Theology of Games. The new company will be called Indie Game Studios. Stronghold's President Stephen Buonocore says, "Indie Game Studios will allow us to increase our global reach, better fulfill gamer needs, and enhance our product development efforts throughout all of our brands. Indie Game Studios is uniquely positioned as an independent entity, ready to battle the giant corporate owned conglomerates of the hobby board game industry."


Well that's the news for today, but we had so much news that we decided to bring you another batch tomorrow. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!