Killing a Game Designer, For a Good Cause...


Today's post is a little different. We recently found out about a game designer named Lee Garvin, who's gone through a really tough time. Another game designer decided to help his friend Lee out in the way he knows best--designing a board game. It's on Kickstarter, and it'll help out someone in need. Let's check it out. 

Lee Garvin is a game designer (Tales from the Floating Vagabond, Dravakor, and Control), but an independent one, which means money is tight, and health insurance is tighter. He's had a recent series of unfortunate events that have included car wrecks and comas--and lots of medical bills. He's currently living in his car, and his friend and fellow designer Greg Porter decided that rather than just ask for money, he'd design a game, the proceeds of which can help Greg out. That game is morbidly called Killing Lee Garvin. 


It's on Kickstarter right now, and the campaign ends in just a couple of days. After the production costs, Lee gets half of what the campaign makes. And in a selfless gesture, Lee has pledged to give 50% of what he gets to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. 

The game itself is a simple card game for 3-6 players. Each card either Helps or Harms Lee, and you can win by keeping him healthy or bringing about his demise. 

You can chip in a buck just to help out, or you can get a copy of the game for $25 plus shipping. And for $250 you can get your own face caricatured and added to the game--along with a copy of the game! 

We believe one of the reasons we're here is to help a hurting world. Please check out the campaign and help someone who's hurting, indeed. Thanks for reading!