Kickstarter Weekly, July 27, 2018


We only have one campaign to bring you this week but it's a great accessory for Firestone's Game of the Year for 2017: Gloomhaven. Let's check it out!

Gloomhaven Player Mats BY Quiver Gaming Gear


We're big fans of Quiver Gaming Gear. Their mats are terrific, and one sits on our gaming tables 100% of the time. That's why we were so excited to hear that they'd partnered with Cephalofair Games to make these officially licensed mats. Each 12.75" square mat has a place for you to keep your player board; active, discarded, and lost cards, modifiers, items, conditions, and more. The great thing is that they don't add more of a footprint to what is already a table hog of a game. They just help you keep your piece of the hog organized. And with as many times as this game will get played, that's a welcome addition. This one's already funded, so jump on board and get organized!

Pricing: $28 plus shipping for 2 player mats; $54 for 4 mats

Campaign Ends: August 17

Expected Delivery: February 2019

Are you going to back this mat? Are there some great campaigns we missed? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!