Kickstarter Weekly, July 20, 2018


This week we've only got a couple of campaigns to bring you, but they're doozies! Remember, unless we specifically mention it, we've not played these and we're not endorsing them. We just want to bring them to your attention. Now let's get to those giant miniatures and demonic penguins!



Thunderstone Quest BY AEG

Thunderstone Quest was one of our favorite games of the last year. You can see for yourself in our review right here. It was so popular that the folks at AEG are launching another campaign but with even more goodies than before. This time around it also comes with a solo and co-op mode, and an entire new Quest: What Lies Beneath. You can get the same Champion box that was available in the last campaign, just the new stuff if you've already got the game, or the whole shebang. The stretch goals open up some new cool monsters--including demonic penguins! 

Pricing: $150 plus shipping

$50 plus shipping for folks who own TQ and just want the new goodies

Campaign Ends: August 17

Expected Delivery: April 2019


Cthulhu: Death May Die BY CMON

It's time again for the folks at CMON to bring us their latest behemoth of a game. Here we have a co-op for 1-5 players who are trying to push back the Old Ones. Designer Eric Lang is joined by Rob Daviau, so it's got pedigree on its side. In addition to the base game, you can add a "measly" $150 to your pledge to get the R'lyeh Rising expansion, which comes with a giant 57 cm "mini." I think at that point we can stop calling it a mini, right?! The campaign is over $2 million now, so it's long been funded. You just have to decide how much you want to invest!

Base Price: $100 plus shipping

Campaign Ends: July 24

Expected Delivery: July 2019