Kickstarter Weekly: July 13, 2018

It's another week and another new batch of Kickstarter games for your to check out. This week we've got conspiracies, calamari, and one of the best deals on a game with miniatures we've seen in a long time. Let's see what's out there!


Rurik: Dawn of Kiev by Piecekeeper Games

Jeremiah got to hang out with these folks at Origins, and they're the real deal. And speaking of deal, you get an amazing deal with this campaign! For $69 you get 69 miniatures, 54 wooden pieces, and a gorgeous board. The Euro gameplay includes area control, resource management, and mechanism called auction programming. We don't know what that is, but we can't wait to find out! They're not quite there, so jump in and help get this thing funded!

Base Price: $69 plus shipping

Campaign Ends: July 31

Expected Delivery: July 2019


Black Orchestra: Conspirator Packs by Starling Games

Black Orchestra is a cooperative game where you're trying to kill Hitler, using actual historical figures who attempted to do just that. They failed--will you succeed? This small campaign is for 8 new conspirators to add to your game., with new special abilities. Firestone has played Black Orchestra, and had a great time. Check out the campaign!

Base Price: $9 plus shipping

Campaign Ends: July 26

Expected Delivery: March 2019


Coldwater Crown: The Sea by Bellwether Games

We've heard a lot of buzz about Coldwater Crown, and now Bellwether Games is publishing its first boxed expansion. You'll be moving your vessel out to sea, catching new fish, and finding new ways to score. You need the base game for this, but you can get the base game through the campaign for a special price. And it's already funded!

Base Price: $24 plus shipping

Campaign Ends: July 18

Expected Delivery: January 2019

So what are we missing? Share your Kickstarter favorites, or contact us about your project and we may use it in an upcoming week. Thanks for reading!