Contest Update!

Well. As you know, we realllllly like giving stuff away. And our contest on Indiegogo was well, not up to our usual standards, I mean, Charterstone is a pretty sweet prize, but, we knew we could do better.

So I made a little trip to our FLGS, and raided their shelves for some hot new titles, and some classic favorites!

So now our prize pool looks something like this:


1st: Charterstone, Space Base, and Azul!!! (Are you kidding me???)

2nd: Escape: The Curse of the Temple, Decrypto, Isle of Skye!! (WHAT???)

3rd: The Chameleon, Nyet!, and Hanabi!! (Yep!! That’s third place!!)

How do you win? Just go to our Indiegogo campaign and use the share tools!!! Make sure you’re logged in so it gives you your unique referral code. And that’s it!! Every time someone backs the campaign after clicking your link, it will add to your running total and when the campaign closes the top three referrers will win!!!

What on earth are you waiting for??? head to the campaign right here:

Thanks for reading and goooood luck!!