It’s Gonna be May! Mayday is having a sale!


While we realize, it’s not yet the day Star Wars fans clamor for, or in my (Jeremiah) neck of the woods “four dead in Ohio” day. It is however the first day of May which not only leaves us asking, what the heck happened to the first quarter of 2018? but also: isn’t it time I sleeved Imperial Assault? Or Thunderstone Quest? Or Gloomhaven? Or... well, you get it. 

And the answer to the latter is YES!  

Have no fear because the wonderful folks over at Mayday Games (its true, I've met them, they’re really nice! ) are having their May Day sale! Head over to for some really great deals on tons of sleeves! The great thing is they’ve already done all the cyphering for you for most of the games in your collection. So all you have to do is put a bundle in your cart and BAM! You’ve got all your sleeves for Great Western Trail, Codenames Pictures, The Networks, and many, many more!

What are you sleeving today?? 

And don’t forget we’re still running our Indiegogo campaign! Help us make the most out of our trip to Origins! Right here: