What Would You Buy w/$500?

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Hey Gang!

Jeremiah here, wanted to start a little conversation and see what you guys think!? I recently culled my collection a bit, by way of a flea market event at my FLGS. The way it works is you take in your games, price them at whatever you want, they sell them, and you get the selling price in store credit. The store makes a little scratch, and you get to turn some older games into newer games, win win.

Well I turned a pile of games into $505 in store credit. So I literally have $505 to spend, just on games. This isn't like an Amazon gift card, or some expendable cash I found, it is literally is just for games!

Now. I have a few titles that I've been wanting for some time that I'll be picking up, but needless to say I have an embarrassment of wealth on my hands. But it brings up a great conversation, and so I ask you:

What games would you buy with $500? 

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