Thievery at Essen--Help Artipia Games Recoup Their Losses


Apparently it happens every year: Scumbags steal from exhibitors at Essen. But this year, numerous publishers were hit, and the small publisher Artipia Games was hit for over $6,000! So they came up with a clever response, and we encourage you to check it out.

They’ve created a Kickstarter campaign for promo cards—each of which has a theme of robbery. So you can get a promo card for A Thief’s Fortune, Fields of Green, Kitchen Rush, The Pursuit of Happiness, and Whoosh Bounty Hunters. They’re only doing one printing, and $10 gets you all 5, shipped worldwide. They’ve already raised over $13,000, so let’s see how much we can add in these last 8 days of the campaign. You can check out the campaign right here.

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