The Week on Board Games Daily, 11-5-18


This week on Board Games Daily (our daily podcasts on the Anchor app) we’ll cover news pieces, including the latest release from White Wizard Games and their Star Realms Universe. The game started as a small box of cards and has exploded into a vast deck-building game with many expansions and accessories.

Be sure to join in on our two conversations this week, as well. For our first conversation, “Topic Tuesday”, we will discuss games in the top 100 that we are ashamed we haven’t played yet. We like to consider ourselves well-rounded gamers, but there are so many that it’s impossible to play them all. Tune in to find out the hottest games we haven’t played and why we haven’t played them yet.

Our second conversation will focus on this week’s Game Night Cage Fight. It’s time to put two similar games against each other and find out which one dominates. The fight this week is between King of Tokyo and King of New York. We will discuss the differences and similarities and talk about why we pick one as the winner over the other. But don’t just listen to our opinions, make sure you chime in and be a part of this week’s cage fight only on boardgames daily. Just download the free app, and listen in to our daily content. Thanks for reading—and listening!