Kickstarter Weekly, October 12, 2018


Thanks for joining us again. Fall is in the air. And so are games that you won’t get for a year! On Kickstarter! Let’s look at a couple!


Do you like bluffing? Do you like fast games? Do you like incredible artwork? Then you’ll like Campy Creatures! And this expansion. Jeremiah reviewed it just this week, so check it out, and get in on the expansion. And if you didn’t get in on the original, then you can get that, too.

Pricing: $13 plus shipping for the expansion; $25 for the 2nd edition base game

Campaign Ends: November 3

Expected Delivery: June 2019



Do you like side-scrolling fighting video games? Have you ever wished you could get that experience in a board game. Then I have the BEST news for you. There’s a system called BattleCon, which has a bunch of different games under that umbrella. Each comes with a slew of fighters and the same system. Each player takes a fighter and you play a combination of “moves.” You hit each other until someone’s life is reduced to zero. I have a couple of these games, and they’re FUN. This is a great way to jump in on the “remastered” edition from a company that loves to give you more in the box than you can even use! I love Level 99 Games!

Pricing: $315 for EVERYTHING BattleCon; $120 for the new Devastation; $85 for people who own the old edition and want to upgrade.

Campaign Ends: October 21

Expected Delivery: January 2019

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!