Through the Digital Ages--Vlaada's Civ Game Goes Digital


Czech Games has released a digital version of designer Vlaada Chvatil's classic civ game Through the Ages--currently the #2 rated game of all time on Boardgamegeek. 

In Through the Ages you're trying to build the best civilization by drafting cards, managing resources, and playing cards at the right moment to create a better civ than your opponents. And if you're too weak, you might find a cavalry charge on your doorstep from an opponent.

Until just a couple of months ago, Through the Ages was the highest-rated game on the Geek that I'd never played. Finally got a chance to play, and it was GREAT! I don't even like Civ games, but this didn't feel like one--even though it totally is. We're super excited for this digital release (to be honest, all of the cards in the board game can be fiddly, so a digital stack of cards sounds perfect!).  


Through the Ages is available for both iOS and Android platforms, and sells for $9.99--with no in-app purchases. The game also includes a tutorial, three levels of AI, online multiplayer, and the ability to play friends online or on the same device. And as so many digital versions now do, it comes with challenges that force you to adapt and change your tactics to meet their requirements. 


We got our hands on copies, and we'll let you know our thoughts soon! In the meantime, watch the trailer. And thanks for reading!