And the Spiel des Jahres Winner Is...

Today we heard the winner for the Spiel des Jahres award—the prestigious German Game of the Year, which also translates into plenty of sales. The nominees were:

  • Kingdomino, from designer Bruno Cathala and publisher Blue Orange Games.
  • Magic Maze, from designer Kasper Lapp, and publisher Pegasus Spiele.
  • Wettlauf nach El Dorado, from designer Reiner Knizia, and publisher Ravensburger.

So who won? Well, it’s...


Jeremiah and I have both played it a number of times, and it’s a fast, fun family game—just the sort of game you’d expect to win the award. Look for our review soon!

EXIT: The Game won the Kennerspiel award, which is the award for games of a little more complexity, whereas the Spiel des Jahres is for the best “family” game.

Last month they announced the Kinderspiel award winner, Ice Cool, which is a fun dexterity game.

What are your thoughts on the award nominees and winners? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!