ToG is 5 Years Old!


If Theology of Games was a child, our parents would be discussing the virtues of sending us to kindergarten in the fall, or waiting a year to let us mature a bit more.  

That's because today we're celebrating five years of bringing you news, reviews, and interviews!

One of our favorite things to do around this time of year is to hold huge contests (we like to do that both on our blogiversarry, and around Christmas) and truthfully we had discussed it for this year, it being such a large milestone. Unfortunately, all of our last minute attempts were thwarted by the house fire at Jeremiah's home, which has really thrown things for a loop. 

So for now we're going to put a pin in the contest idea, and reflect for a moment on some of our milestone achievements over these past 5 years. 

We've written countless articles, interviews, and of course Double-Take Reviews, and we've produced over 60 podcast episodes across 2 podcasts, as well as over 60 YouTube videos. 

We've also gathered an audience across social media reaching about 20,000 followers/likes! 

We've done all of this organically, that is to say we've spent not one dime on Adwords, Facebook, or Twitter ads. We like to think what success we have is due to our hard work and the style/format of the content that we produce. 

To close this post out we also want to take a minute to say thank you!  

If you've taken time to answer our (sometimes ridiculous) questions for an interview, thank you! 

If you've ever sent us a game to review/preview, thank you! 

If you've ever emailed us a press release, or info on your gaming company, thank you! 

If you've ever read an article, interview, or review, thank you! 

If you've ever taken time to watch a video on YouTube, or listen to a podcast episode, thank you! 

If you've ever commented, liked, or shared a post on social media, thank you! 

You, our readers, our listeners, the professionals in the gaming industry, and everyone in between are what make it possible for us to continue doing what we do! So, again, thank you!

We are CONSTANTLY discussing what the future of TOG is, and how we can improve what we do. We can't wait to see what the next 5 years has in store!l, so stay tuned!!