Print and Play Valentines from Catan Studio

Hey gang! Well, it's here Valentine's Day! Sure, it seems like we just celebrated Christmas, but 2017 is in full swing and we're midway through February. And with that comes the exchanging of mushy sentiment with your beloved. As I (Jeremiah) sit here in the NICU listening to a very unhappy baby wail away, it has dawned on me that I have yet to get anything for my sweetie this Valentine's Day... I'm pretty sure I've got the best excuse in the universe at the moment so I'm going to let that ride. But for those of you who are scrambling for something last minute, Catan Studio has you covered.

Late last week they started flooding their social media feeds with images of their Valentine greetings and now they've created a download page where you can get all of these cards and have your own print and play holiday. You can find them all here!

As always thanks for reading, I hope we were able to help!