Itemizing Meeples--An Interview with Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games

Today we're once again joined by friend of the blog, and head honcho of Gamelyn Games, Michael Coe.

Thanks for joining us today, Michael!

It's been a while since we've caught up, so let's chat about the Tiny Epic franchise. Since we've chatted you've released Western, an expansion to Galaxies (our favorite Tiny Epic game), and run a ridiculously successful campaign for Quest! What's next?!

Next up is our biggest endeavor yet, Heroes of Land, Air & Sea. A big-box 4X-style game with easy-to-learn gameplay by Scott Almes and highly detailed miniatures by Chad Hoverter. Gameplay features limited action selection with following, engine building, resource management, area control, war, and plenty of exploitation!

So another 4x game? What sets this apart from Tiny Epic Kingdoms?

Its size for one, and its gameplay, and just its total package, really. Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is huge! Huge game board, huge pile of minis, and hugely fun! In some ways it’s like Tiny Epic Kingdoms--it is from the same designer, after all, but with Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, Scott really gets into the concepts and mechanics he only briefly explored with TEK.

Tiny Epic Quest features ITEMeeples. Can you tell us what that means??

It means you will able to equip items directly to your meeples! It also means we here at Gamelyn Games have a fun new toy to play with. A whole system really. We’ve been exploring all sorts of ideas to expand upon the equipment they hold, as well as vehicles or mounts they may ride. While we have nothing official to announce yet, you can be sure you've not seen the last of the ITEMeeples!

What games outside of the Gamelyn lineup do you hope to get on the table this holiday season?

I picked up Dream Home recently and look forward to getting that to the table. I’ve been hearing really good things about it.

Since starting Gamelyn Games you've been a staple in the gaming industry and one of its strongest indie players. What (if anything) has changed in your view of the industry over the last handful of years?

It has been growing so fast and steadily for a few years now. I’m on Kickstarter a lot and it seems there are just more and more board game projects launching everyday. It’s a great thing for aspiring game designers and publishers! My one word of advice for them is to keep your games simple. With all the newcomers to the hobby, it seems easy-to-learn games are the ones that are resonating the most with people.

What games from other publishers have you enjoyed recently?

I played One Deck Dungeon from Asmadi Games at BGG.CON and I really enjoyed it a lot! Great little coop for 1-2 players with some meaningful decisions and it’s tough as hell!  

Lightning round!

Star Wars Rogue One, hit or bust?

Huge hit! Maybe redefine the game for them. I suspect a lot more of these types of movies to follow.

Favorite Christmas tradition?

Just spending time with the family around the Christmas tree, or fireplace, or even just a movie or book. Slowing down to enjoy together time. That’s my favorite part.

Favorite gaming con?

Essen Spiel. There’s so many good things about the other shows, but this one is in GERMANY!! And it is just such a spectacle. I love it!

Egg Nog: yes or no?


Most embarrassing song in your library?

Likely something from a Broadway Musical. I have a soft spot for Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Thanks for talking with us, Michael. And thank you for reading!