Not Tiny...But Epic--Gamelyn Games launches Heroes of Land, Sea, and Air on Kickstarter

Gamelyn Game, the folks behind the Tiny Epic franchise, just launched a new project on Kickstarter: Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea
--a 4x game from designer Scott Almes. 

This is by far the largest-scale endeavor that Gamelyn has attempted, but the payoff should be amazing. 

From Gamelyn's press release: 

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea breaks the mold of regular 4X games in that it is easy to learn, simple to play, and games only last 2 hours. It is a Scott Almes design after all, designer of the Tiny Epic series.

We caught up with Michael Coe about this project and more earlier in the month. You can read our interview with him RIGHT HERE or you can listen to Jeremiah's interview with him on That's How I Roll RIGHT HERE!


Yesterday Gamelyn released a preview of the Kickstarter Campaign and received lots of feedback concerning the price point for the game. They've stated they're exploring options to cut the costs even further to get the game into as many gamers' collections as possible. For what it's worth, we here at Theology of Games have seen nearly EVERY finished product from Gamelyn and have never once been disappointed in the quality of components or the timely delivery of the product. We're inclined (because of they're great track record) to believe that if they say it's going to cost a little extra to get a hold of this game, it's worth it. But don't take our word for it, head on over to the Kickstarter page and take a look for yourself!

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