Another Free Campaign for Descent: Road to Legend!

It's the new year, and Fantasy Flight Games' gift to us is Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption--a full, FREE campaign for the terrific Road to Legend app. Is this move completely altrusistic? In addition to the base game, you'll need the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion to play this. That's a brilliant move on FF's part if you ask me. So let's dive into the details of the campaign!

Unlike the other Descent expansions, Shadow of Nerekhall is all about the city! The campaign includes seven new Story Quests--and choices you make in one Quest will ring across the whole campaign. 

For example, on the very first Quest you find yourselves locked in the sewers beneath the city, with no equipment and no clear way to escape. Two others are locked in the dark with you, and you get to decide if you'll rescue one, both, or neither of them. And that decision affects the whole campaign. 

This free campaign is available now! And as we get new Descent news, we'll bring it all to you. Thanks for reading!