Theology of Games: A State of the Union Address

Hey, faithful readers! You may have noticed that our output has slowed a fair amount over the last 6 months. We're sorry for that. We're here to give an explanation, and a vision of the future. If you don't want to have to read about what's going on in our lives, we totally understand. Here's the short, impersonal bottom line: We're ramping back up, starting on Monday, October 3. If you want details, read on...

If we could boil down our "distractions" to one word, it would be this: Life. 

Here's what's been going on. 

Jeremiah--About a year ago, I started a new adventure by quitting my job at a university tech department, and striking out on my own in the world of freelance tech work. 

Plus, my family and I just moved from the house we've lived in for 13 years (can you say de-cluttering project?), into a sweet new house closer to work (for my wife), school (for the boys) and family. But it's the definition of a fixer-upper. So I've been SUPER busy fixer-upping.  

Firestone--I worked as an editor and writer for Group Publishing for 12 years, but back in April I was laid off as part of a downsizing. This opportunity gave me the chance to ask this profound question: What does this experience make possible? The answer? Full-time youth ministry!

So I'm in the middle of looking for a youth ministry position. 

As you can see, we've got our hands full. But we're still committed to Theology of Games  --and you, our readers. 

Our lives are slowing down and settling down somewhat, so we're getting back into a groove. So look for Theology of Games to ramp back up again in October. We'll have a news story on Mondays, reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays, an interview on Wednesdays, and something on Fridays. We don't know what, yet. Maybe a Kickstarter profile. Maybe an extra review. Maybe a funny article. Maybe a thoughtful opinion piece. Or maybe you've got an idea. Let us know. 

Thanks for sticking with us. We truly appreciate it. See you in a week!