King of New York Finally Powers Up!

It's no secret that we're big fans of King of Tokyo. And we love King of New York almost as much. The only thing that kept it from hitting the table as much as King of Tokyo was the lack of Power Up powers. Well, the wait is over because King of New York is Powering Up!

IELLO's latest catalog has sneak previews of the Quarter 2 expansion. Power Up features Evolutions--creature-specific special powers that add more life to the base game. We never play without it. 

This Power Up includes a couple of new twists. First, they're including a new character: Sharky. --->

PLUS, this expansion will also have Evolution cards for King of Tokyo, so you can send monsters from New York over to Tokyo. There's no word so far on whether the expansion will also include Evolution cards for the Tokyo monsters to visit New York. We certainly hope so. 

We can't wait to play this, and we'll be sure to bring you our review when we do. Thanks for reading!