Return to the 7th Sea

We don't get the chance to play many roleplaying games. Time is precious, and we have a hard enough time keeping up with all the great board games out there--how can we find time to play RPGs, too? 

Well I (Firestone) found some time. I've gushed about my love of Fantasy Flight's Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG. I figured that would be the only RPG I'd pursue. But now I'm tempted by a reboot of a classic RPG: 7th Sea

7th Sea started way back in 1999. Set in a fictional analog of Europe called Theah, it's full of swashbuckling and sorcery, with stories that mirror many of the events in our own world's history. The setting even spawned a CCG--but then, what intellectual property didn't spawn in CCG in the late 90s...

The game hung around for six years, or so, but eventually went out of print. Then came the announcement last month that AEG was selling the publication rights back to creator John Wick. What would this mean, exactly? 

Well it means John Wick launched a Kickstarter for a new 2nd edition of 7th Sea, and it funded in 7 hours. And as I write this, the campaign is over $550,000--with 27 days left to go. They're unlocking new goodies right and left. 

This 2nd edition is streamlined--easier to learn and play. That will help those of us with limited time and opportunity. 

A mere $20 gets you a pdf of the 2nd edition core rulebook.

But move to $40, and you get LOTS more stuff, including:

  • A PDF of the 2nd edition rulebook. 
  • A PDF of The New World sourcebook--a whole new region of the world to explore.
  • A PDF of The Pirate Nations sourcebook.
  • A PDF of both The Nations of Theah sourcebooks.
  • A PDF of the Heroes and Villians sourcebook.
  • A PDF of The Crescent Empire sourcebook.
  • Hi-res PDFs of three different decks. 
  • Three PDF novels set in the world and written by John Wick.
  • A PDF GM screen. 
  • A PDF of two maps. 
  • Sourcebook PDFs for three specific cities, including history, heroes, plots, hooks, and more.
  • PLUS, PDFs of all 39 of the 1st edition 7th Sea books! 

And that's just the stuff that's been unlocked so far! There are 27 days to go! Who knows what else we'll see? 

You can, of course, pay more for printed versions of everything that's been unlocked. But if you can live with PDFs, that $40 pledge is an amazing deal. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for yourself.

So tell us about your experience with 7th Sea. Did you ever play? Are you interested in this RPG? Tell us about it!