Thefts at Essen Spiel--But You Can Help

Essen Spiel, the huge board game convention in Germany every year, wrapped up about a week ago. We got tons of news and view about the biggest games we'll be seeing in the next year. But amidst the fun and games, there were also wolves among those Catan sheep. 

Both R&R Games and LudiCreations had their cash boxes stolen. While they were diligent with their money, conventions are an easy place for thieves to steal, as workers are running around, helping customers, and generally exhausted. (As someone who's worked many conventions, it's not unusual to work 16-hour days.)

Designer David Turczi had a unique response: He designed a game--that night--for LudiCreations, which published his designs [redacted] and [microfilms]. Steal This Game is a small postcard game, and that night they playtested it, designed graphics for it, and launched it on Kickstarter. They've made close to $32,000, and there are six days left in the campaign.

Steal This Game is only $5, but you can add on other games from LudiCreations at a good price. 

Aside from the Kickstarter, you can also help out R&R Games by buying one of their great games--we recommend Hanabi or TIme's Up! Thanks for reading!