Prepare for The Delve--A New Twist to Descent: Road to Legend

It's no secret that I (Firestone) LOVE Descent. And I love it even more now that the Road to Legend app is out. Well Fantasy Flight Games just announced a new wrinkle for the Road to Legend app: The Delve. 

The Delve is a single-session adventure that lasts around two hours. A powerful being known as The Caretaker has pulled you and your adventurers into a pocket dimension. You'll have to carry out The Caretaker's tasks. If you do, you'll get plenty of loot and rewards. If not, there will be dire consequences...

Each delve consists of six stages, including four regular stages and two boss stages. In between stages, you'll get rewards, based on how long it took you to complete the stage and how many monsters you killed. 

No word yet on what The Delve will cost, but look for it in the Road to Legend app soon!

In the meantime, you can check out Part 1 of our look at the Road to Legend app. We'll have Part 2 up soon!

Thanks for reading!