Do Not Go in There! -- A Single-Take Review of Poop the Game

You read that right. When I (Jeremiah) went to Origins I had a chat with Blaise of Feels Right Design, and he slid me a copy of Poop the Game. A game that he designed with his son that's goal is to be a fun, simple, quick playing game for all ages.

So is Poop the Game worth fishing out, or should you flush it down? Or should I stop with the poop jokes already?

Let's find out!

The Components

The Game is a simple pack of cards, that makes up 2 decks.


The Poop Deck - (Not like on a ship) These are the cards that you draw up into your hand and play on your turn. There are four different colors, and each card consists of a value, as well as a some stylized artwork with a matching number of turds (sorry there's just not much of a better way to say it, you did click on a link that said "Poop the Game" after all!). There are also special cards such as Reverse, and Skip (just a fart). There are also some "zero" value cards, if you play one of these it comes with a special action you have to perform on every subsequent turn, such as: Lean on a Fart, Grunt, Make a Splash sound, etc. 

The Toilet Deck - These are kept in a stack and each features a toilet with a numeric value on it. Which is the toilet's flow value.

The Setup 

It's quick. Separate the two decks, deal five Poop cards to each players, the rest become a draw pile (Get it? Pile? Ok, sorry). Then turn over the first Toilet card and the game begins.


Game Play

Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, everyone will take turns pooping into the toilet, stacking cards as they played so you can see the total number of poops in the toilet. If you can't play a card that keeps the total under the clog/flow number of the toilet, then you've clogged the toilet, and must pick up all the cards in the toilet into your hand, and flip over the next toilet card. 

The converse of clogging is flushing. If you play the third card in a row of the same color, you flush the toilet! (Even if the card you played would have pushed the value past the flow value). If a toilet is flushed, the cards are removed from it, and all the other players have to draw a card,  and you get to lead off.

Also if you've played a zero value or Wild card and your forget to perform the special action on it, another player can call you out which will cause you to draw another card.

The objective is to be the first player to get rid of your cards.

There are a ton of variants that change the game play just a bit, including a drinking game and several variants that change the goal of the game.


The Verdict

Needless to say, my boys think this game is the bees knees. I was able to easily and quickly teach them, and they giggled the entire time, especially when we had to perform all the special actions in the game. 

The actual game play is nothing revolutionary in gaming, it hints towards games like Uno, wrapped in a theme for, well, boys. You won't find yourself devising great strategies, or plotting out your turns in advance, so just put all those thoughts aside, and sit back and relax, and enjoy the next 5 minutes or so. And remember, it's called Poop the Game.

All kidding aside, the artwork and graphic design is pretty well done, it's very stylized, and clever, right down to the chunks of nuts in some of the turds...

Final Verdict

Poop the Game, is a simple, quick little filler for a super casual setting. Kids will love it, if you're ok with having them tell poop jokes for the rest of the day. In the right setting Poop the Game is a quick bit of fun, and a lot of laughs!

Have you played Poop the Game? Would you?  Let's hear your thoughts below in the comments! Thanks for reading! And don't forget to check out our podcast, and sign up for our email updates!

We'd like to thank Feels Right Design for providing Jeremiah with a copy of Poop the Game, this in no way affected his opinion.