Two More Reprints from Tasty Minstrel Games


It's been a great year for classic reprint news. Tigris & Euphrates, Samurai, and Fury of Dracula from Fantasy Flight Games. Mexica, Tikal, and Java from Super Meeple. Princes of the Renaissance from Mercury Games. And recently Tasty Minstrel Games announced they're reprinting the classic Feld game Luna. But they're not done! Tasty Minstrel Games just announced  they're reprinting Colosseum and Amun-Re!

Colosseum is a Wolfgang Kramer/Markus Lubke design, set in ancient Rome, that involves auctions and set collection. And it's one of the few Kramer games I (Firestone) am entirely lukewarm about. I only played it once, but I kept wishing I was playing his AMAZING Princes of Florence instead. But I'd happily try Colosseum again once it's reprinted. And I seem to be in the minority in my feelings toward the game, based on Boardgamegeek ratings, so maybe I missed something. The first edition was beautifully produced by Days of Wonder. So how will TMG compete with that? By creating an "Emperor's Edition" and funding it via Kickstarter. We'll let you know when that campaign is live. 


But the news I'm REALLY excited about is that they're reprinting Amun-Re, which is my very favorite Reiner Knizia game! It's an auction game set in ancient Egypt. But each thing you're bidding on is worth varying amounts to different people. And the auction itself is genius: If you're overbid in one area you must make your next bid in a different area. It's a simple change, but it makes the auction so tense and fun. In addition, you're trying to juggle three different resources. It's an absolutely perfect game--but one I'd only play with exactly 5 players. If you like deep Euros, you'll want to grab this as soon as you can. Trust me on this. 

So a big thanks to Michael Mindes and the gang at Tasty Minstrel Games. Keep bringing back awesome games! 

And thanks to you for reading! Are you excited about these releases? Am I crazy for feeling "meh" about Colosseum? Is my love of Amun-Re overblown?

Amun-Re. Sooooo good.

Amun-Re. Sooooo good.