If It Ain't Broken--A Double-Take Review of Two Organizers From The Broken Token


When Jeremiah went to Origins this summer, he ran into the fine folks at The Broken Token, and they asked us to review a couple of their organizers. So of course we said yes! Let's take a look.

The Broken Token creates laser-cut wooden inserts and organizers for many of today's most-popular games. These aren't generic organizers, though. They're custom designed for the specific game. 

For example, Jeremiah got the King of New York Organizer, and it comes with specific sections for the buildings, cards, dice stands, monster wheels, and a cool removable box for tokens and energy cubes. And there's room for an upcoming expansions--including the rumored Power Up one that we can't WAIT for!

I got the Sleeved Card Game Organizer to use with my Netrunner collection. So far, I'd  been using the insert that came with Netrunner, and I'd cut open one section where I could stash the tokens. But I was at the absolute limit as to how many more cards I could hold. And it wasn't well-organized in any way. 

As you can see in The Broken Token organizer, I have plenty of room for all of my cards, and room for a few more Data Packs. (For what it's worth, this is one core set, and 10 Data Packs.) There's a section for each of the Corporations, a section for each of the Runner Factions, and one for then unaffiliated cards. The center section is too small to hold any cards, but it does hold all of my tokens. 


In addition to organizers, The Broken Token also creates fancy wooden boxes for games such as Dominion, and tokens and accessories (including sweet metal coins for Lords of Waterdeep). 

Jeremiah-- They're adding new inserts all the time, I was told at Origins that they have some sort of top secret formula to determine which game they'll create an insert for next. It has something to do with how many requests they get and how popular the game is over on the Geek, and some other factors that are weighed in, and I think there was something about Pi in there... or was that pie? Anyway, they just came out with a new organizer for Carcassonne, and I REALLY want one! 

Firestone--Yeah, I'm usually a throw-out-the-insert-and-baggie-everything-in-sight kinda guy, but seeing these in action has made me reconsider. 


Jeremiah-- The organizer wasn't terribly difficult to assemble, but it took a little concentration--if you've played with LEGOs you'll be able to figure it out! Everything snaps together nicely, and they thought of everything! The King of New York insert has enough space to put in your standees with the bases assembled, and the nifty little box for the tokens and energy cubes is great; you can pull it out and stick it in the middle of the table during game play so they don't spill all over the place! The King of New York insert also works for King of Tokyo, and there's extra room for expansions! Woot!

The pieces snap together pretty tightly which is probably the most difficult thing about the assembly. Broken Token suggested using glue to assemble the token box, and possibly using tape on the outside corners to hold it all together, but I found once I slipped it--very snugly--into the box it holds together just fine, and the token box hasn't fallen apart on me either...

Firestone--Mine was more basic than the King of New York one: just rails and dividers. But it all came together well, and it fits snugly in the box. And I've got way more room for cards now, so I can go a bit longer before having to figure out how to continue my storage solution. It might just be buying another base set and another insert from Broken Token!

Jeremiah's Final Verdict--For the price there's no beating a Broken Token insert! They've thought of everything, and really taken into account not just the game components, but how the game plays and how an insert can help the gameplay experience! I could't be happier with mine, I only hope they take my request and create a Keyflower insert soon!

Firestone's Final Verdict--Other than the occasional splinter during assembly, there's nothing to complain about with these great inserts. They're sturdy, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and come with the fine smell of wood. Who doesn't love that?! As Jeremiah said, they thought through how you play the game, in addition to how you store the game. That makes these more than just great inserts. Oh, and here's a second vote for a Keyflower insert! 

Check out the goods yourself at The Broken Token Web site

Thanks to The Broken Token for providing us with review copies of their organizers. This in no way affected our opinions. 

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of their inserts? Been tempted? Let us know!