Drac is Back: Fantasy Flight Games is Reprinting Fury of Dracula


Fantasy Flight Games have announced the next game they're bringing back into print: the classic Fury of Dracula. 

The original The Fury of Dracula was printed in 1987. It featured a group of players (Hunters) chasing a single other player (Dracula), who's using hidden movement to keep one step ahead--similar to the game Scotland Yard, but much more complex. 

Then in 2005, Fantasy Flight Games re-implemented the game as Fury of Dracula, updating the game using design principles and ideas from the intervening 20 years. It's a tense, harrowing game as the Hunters close in and Dracula uses everything in his arsenal to escape capture. The game is out of print, and copies are expensive. 

But now Fantasy Flight has announced a third edition, with all-new art and graphic design, and new mechanics that streamline combat. 


The turn is divided into Day and Night phases. Hunters spend the Day traveling, searching for clues, gathering supplies, or resting if they're injured. At Night Hunters must stay in their current city, but can still take other actions--though it's more dangerous now. But more importantly, Dracula wakes up, chooses where he'll travel to next, sets traps, places rumors, or creates a new vampire. He can even reveal himself to a Hunter and take the fight to them.

But the Hunters each have their own tricks up their sleeves, thematically tied to their character. 

Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition is slated for the 4th Quarter of 2015. 

Thanks for reading! Are you excited about the new edition? Did you play an earlier one? Let us know in the comments!